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Sample Reports

Performance Report

This report summarizes the performance of an individual portfolio between two dates. The report indicates the "net out of pocket" gain or loss for the portfolio.

Net Out of Pocket by Security

This report provides a line item analysis of the realized gain or loss, unrealized gain or loss, and income received for each security in the portfolio. The totals are also included for each asset class.

Monthly Profit and Loss Summary

This report summarizes the net out of pocket gain or loss on a monthly basis and shows the cumulative gain or loss to date.

Monthly Transaction Summary

The report shows the total purchases, sales, short sales and short covers for each month.

Contributions and Withdrawals

This report lists all contributions, withdrawals, and expenses for one or more portfolios over a given period of time. Securities that are received in or delivered out are "marked to the market" on the date of the transactions.

Income and Expenses

This report shows the interest, dividends, and expenses broken down for each individual security for a given time period.

Purchase and Sale

This report lists each purchase, sale, short sale, short cover and return of capital for a given time period.

Cash Ledger

This report shows activity in a portfolio's cash and cash equivalents asset class during a given time period. This report is used to reconcile cash balances with those that appear on the customer's brokerage statement.

Transaction Chronology

This report provides a chronological listing of all cash and non-cash transactions for a portfolio within a given time period.

Matched Trade Analysis

A chronology of transactions for each security in the account.